• EDG Notes
    • My notes for O’Neill’s Elementary Differential Geometry. Though “notes” is kind of a misnomer in this case. This is more a collection of definitions and theorems. I use this type of notes for memorization and practicing filling in the content and discussion in my head.
  • BDA Ch2-3 Notes
    • My notes for Gelman et al.’s Bayesian Data Analysis.
  • MLPR Ch13-14 Notes
    • My personal notes for Kevin Murphy’s Machine Learning: A Probabilistic Perspective. I hope to eventually cover the whole book, but I imagine that might take me some time!
  • ESL Ch2 Solutions
    • My personal solutions to exercises in Elements of Statistical Learning by Hastie, Tibshirani, and Friedman. So far I only have them for Chapter 2, but I hope to add more soon.